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The Girls of The City 


The Girls of The City


So, I seriously tried super hard to not watch the premiere of The City last night on MTV, but unfortunately I did. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I’m kind of hooked. Here’s why:

1) I can’t wait to see Whitney’s apartment. I live Manhattan on the UES (5th Avenue to be exact), and I’m wondering if we’ll be neighbors… I hope not, because I’m sure Ms. Port is pulling down a much larger paycheck than I, thanks to MTV. Plus, I think her neighborhood of choice will decipher whether or not she’s a downtown girl vs. and uptown social. My guess? Soho so she’ll be kind of close to Erin Lucas (who resides in Gramercy) or Tribeca, so she’ll be close to her DVF office (which is in the Meatpacking District). Who knows? As smitten as she is with the loser known only as Jay, she’ll probably try to move right next door to him. It’s funny; I never thought of Whitney as a boy-chaser. Then again, her onscreen L.A. BFF is LC/Lauren Conrad, who changes boys like she changes her bras. Now it makes sense! Whitney totally is the new Lauren; shitty faux-friends and boy drama to boot!

***Editor’s Update: Whitney is a downtown resident, living in Gramercy, right around the corner from her BFF Erin. I was right-I knew she’d take the downtown route.***

2) As I previously predicted, little Olivia Palermo has been cast as the jealous, snide, snobby, rich bitch. Ah, well. I’m sure she’ll relish in the moment. All press is good press, right? Every time someone utters the words Olivia Palermo, her name on the social radar will rise, rise, rise. Tinsley Mortimer who? Your quickie spot on Gossip Girl is nothing compared to this. Tinsley dear, you’re cute for NYC, but Olivia is going international baby!

3) I’d LOVE to see Whitney doing something other than shuffling models onto the catwalk like they’re cattle. Please tell me she has another skill when it comes to fashion? Why does everyone praise her for excelling at such a mundane task? BTW, I was backstage at the DVF show in September, and I saw Whitney “working” for a total of 4 minutes. It was as if she only filmed this scene, and then magically disappeared.

4) Speaking of her fashion skills, did anyone notice how skanky Whitney looked last night? Even she noticed it-the camera panned in just as she was tugging at the hem of her LBD on her way to dinner with Jay. Also in the picture above, what’s with dressing her in micro-minis? I know the New York Post/Page Six Magazine prematurely anointed her the new Carrie Bradshaw, but come on! Dress the girl with a little dignity; she was much chicer on The Hills. Can’t wait to see what other skimpy outfits the wardrobe department dresses her in.

Whitney Port = Carrie Bradshaw? Puh-lease.

Whitney Port = Carrie Bradshaw? Puh-lease.

5) Isn’t Olivia’s cousin Nevan the bitchiest pinenut you’ve ever seen? It runs in the family I guess. He’s the real star here; can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans he pulls.

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