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So this one has been on my radar for quite sometime, but other than the whole ‘Please-Be-My-Friend’ email snafu [click HERE to read it], I haven’t cared much about Olivia Palermo, until I realized she’d been cast as the villain in MTV’s new The Hills spinoff show, The City, opposite boring-as-they-fucking-come Whitney Port.

Here’s the sheer hilarity about it all:

1) Olivia Palermo is LOADED. Other than muse, what other position would this socialite have at DVF? MTV is killing me by getting these rich girls faux gigs for the sake of “reality.” The least they could do was get her a position with Chanel or YSL. (Maybe they tried?)

2) Even though The City doesn’t premiere until late December, they’ve done a fabulous job of pitting fans against Olivia already. Did you see how the camera panned in on Olivia’s face, looking rather…devious? [Click HERE to see the snoozefest/trailer for The City].

3) Why would Olivia even want to be on this show? It’s sure to become a camp hit like its successor, but seriously-a socialite on MTV? A reality show? Really? We all saw Tinsley on Gossip Girl, but guest starring is totally fine-fake acting is not. According the the email she supposedly penned, doesn’t she want to be taken seriously by her peers? This surely won’t help.

Nevertheless, I’ll be watching. For Olivia obviously, not Whitney. I’m loving the whole brunette vs. blonde thing. I only hope that this time, the brunette wins.

P.S. I ran into her at a jewelry event at The Plaza earlier this week, and she’s definitely two times skinnier in person than she is in snaps. The girl MUST survive on ice and water. Wish. I. Had. The. Strength.

Bisou Bisou,



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