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So, I get that they’re friends, but Genevieve Jones and Marc Jacobs? Kissing? Woah.


And not just smooching. Snitches say they were full-on deep kissing at the Mango flagship store opening in Manhattan last night. (I’m on the hunt for photos. I would have been there to witness this travesty myself, but I’m currently in South America right now on a mini-vacay.)

We all know Marc is gay with a capital G, and we all know Genevieve is a faghag with a capital HAG, but this is a little much for me… especially since she was recently spotted locking lips with Ricky, as in Dee & Ricky, the genius twin design duo behind Marc’s lego accessories collection.

Genevieve Jones Kissing Ricky

I have always prided myself with being rather liberal, and I am a huge hag myself, but kissing mon amis? Too personal for me.

Bisou Bisou, 



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