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So, we’re two episodes into NYC Prep, Bravo TV’s reality response to Gossip Girl.

The (Unattractive) Cast of NYC Prep

The (Unattractive) Cast of NYC Prep

Who’s your favorite character thus far? Are you buying any of this bullshit? High school kids, hanging out in totally EMPTY lounges in Manhattan? GTFOH.

Let’s run it down by quotes:

Says Sebastian: “Why date one girl when you can, like, date a bunch?”
Please stop flipping your hair. Who do you think you are? A young Brad Pitt. EPIC FUCKING FAIL.

Says PC: “Everything in New York City is about pulling connections. It’s who you know, and how much money you have. And it’s really sad? And I’m not saying I’m like that? But that’s what New York is: money is power.”
FYI, You could never be Chuck Bass. You may have his money, but you can’t pay for that kind of swagger. Put your credit card back in your pocket sweetie.

Says Jessie: “You don’t wear all your labels at once, and I think it’s very important to mix and match.”
Darling. Hate to break it to you angel, but you’re slightly cross-eyed. And you have a Jay Leno chin. Sorry—can’t get past that.

Says Kelli: “We don’t do homework. We don’t work.”
You want to be a singer? Puh-leeze. Oh, and as for the Sebastian-Kelli-Taylor triangle, it must suck to constantly come in second.

Says Camille: “I don’t want to apologize for having money. It’s good.’’
You look mildly retarded. Thank fuck your parents have money, otherwise life would be just a little different for you. It always is for girls with unfortunate faces. Like yours.

Says Taylor: “It’s good to be perceived as having money.”
Oh, poor little Taylor. You’re so cute, but why did you let them film in your apartment? That was the beginning of the end for you.

Just my thoughts on this scripted piece of shit show.

(And yes, I’ll be watching this week. And next.)

Bisou Bisou, Belle


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