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Rumor has it that dollfaced designer Georgina Chapman (a.k.a. Mrs. Harvey Weinstein) has professionally parted ways with her BFF/partner Keren Craig

Marchesa's Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman

Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman

Here’s the kicker: Apparently Harvey and Georgina may have BOUGHT Keren out of her half of the business, leaving Georgina to take all of the credit for the brand moving forward.

On one hand, it makes sense. Georgina is easily the most recognizable face of the two, has a much more interesting personal story, and her very own Daddy Warbucks as her other half. Why shouldn’t she take full control?

I personally think this is grimy, but hey-it’s business. Loving to see how this one will play out. We’re on it.

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